Last Minute Thanksgiving Wine Ideas

by on November 23, 2010

It's almost here. The holiday embraced by food and wine lovers all over the country. Thanksgiving!!! 


If you’re anything like me and do most of your grocery shopping last minute, don’t worry.  I have some great last minute wine ideas for your holiday dinner.  Now this post was written last year as my Thanksgiving wine pairing and buying guide, but in reality the recommendations stay the same, with some tweaks for specific wines and producers, year after year just as the traditional food for Thanksgiving stays pretty much the same each year.  Most importantly the day is about being with family, friends, and giving thanks for all the wonderful things in your life… and yes, good wine is definitely something to be thankful for. 

So please check out my Thanksgiving wine recommendations from 2009 post by clicking here.  I hope this guide can help you find some delicious wines to share with your loved ones this year.  Let me know if you would like any specific producer and/or vintage recommendations for this year, and have a fantastic holiday with your family and friends.

Thanksgiving Wine Pairing & Buying Guide (it never goes out of style)


Smoked turkey

I will leave you with a beauty shot of our turkeys from last Thanksgiving (yes we cooked two).  We smoked these babies and they were insanely delicious.  And yes, we most definitely plan to smoke our turkey again this year… only this year we're just doing one!  I promise to post the recipe sometime soon because they were probably the best flavored turkeys I've ever had and you must try them.  Believe me, it is worth the effort to smoke them!

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